Kerasia, take a dive into heaven on earth!

Kerasia, take a dive into heaven on earth!

Α dive into the past!

In our childhood, it was our favourite place to go swimming. I still remember that it was on this beach when I took my first dive off my father's boat. It was not really my first dive. It t was that unprecedented feeling of pleasure when I opened my eyes and found myself surrounded by the majesty of nature. That’s forever etched in my memory. That’s why I can still recall it so vividly, so many years later, and this is not an attempt to hide my age but I can’t exactly remember what year it was. Probably mid ‘80s.

Even just a few decades ago access was not so easy even for the locals. We all preferred to access the beach by our fathers’ small fishing boats. By the late ‘80s, the road was still in a primitive form; it was then when we started coming here by our first motorbikes.

Countless were the falls on the completely rugged road with the huge potholes created by the winter rain! Of course, the scratches on our knees healed faster with salt water, which was anyway the most common antiseptic we used back then!


Kerasia was the favourite destination of our childhood. Countless hours of sunbathing. It kind of seems unreal now, how long we used to stay under the hot summer sun, on the scorching white stones of the beach; doing… NOTHING! Just staring at the sky! Never putting any sunscreen on, and quite often not even having beach towels. We only wore our swimsuits. Shoes or flipflops seemed completely unnecessary and let me explain why:

Kerasia soccer ball

Playing soccer...

Have you ever tried walking barefoot on a pebble beach? After the first 10 steps, the small stones become a torture to your feet. Well, I vividly remember football matches with a score of 22-15. You can imagine how long a match can last with such a score! Of course, our feet were always on fire. It was the pebbles and the wet leather ball that made them so durable. After that, a cool dive in the crystal-clear waters of Kerasia rejuvenated us. And we were ready to go for the second half!

Today, a few decades later, the picture is a little different. The road, although still narrow, is flatter. Access by car has become easy and this brings many visitors to the beach. Particularly during the most touristic months: July and August! Sometimes, especially on Sundays, the beach is quite busy. So, it is highly recommended, for someone who seeks peace and relaxation, to avoid the area on those days. The rest of the week, I can tell you that Kerasia beach has nothing to envy from the beach we knew as children.

You will always find a space to park your car. Sometimes close enough to where you will lie down. If you have young children this is salvation! You will not have to carry all those countless bags, full of toys and accessories, under the hot summer sun. Besides, on the beach, there’s a small shop, Vaso’s tourist shop, that has everything a child on the beach can ask for.

On the beach, there is also a cafe with fantastic ice creams, pastries, coffees -of course- and cocktails for every taste.

If you are hungry that’s also not a problem. Kerasia Tavern has been there for the last 45 years doing very well, exactly that. A variety of fish with a few glasses of ouzo is a must-have. Don’t overdo it though! "Yamas" -> Cheers.

Then you can return to the cozy sun loungers for an afternoon of relaxation, or maybe a nap… depending on the amount of ouzo consumption.

Once your batteries are fully charged, you can enjoy the peace and serenity that only Kerasia beach can offer in such a unique way. If you ever decide to go to Kerasia, this is definitely the moment that you will never forget! In the afternoon, after the hot sun has hidden behind the big eucalyptus trees. The soft and cool shade starts the game of relaxation. Everyone’s rhythm is slowing down. Young children are on their way home by now. Cheerful laughter has been replaced by the gentle splash of the water as it meets the small playful pebbles of the beach.

The beach then takes on another form. It's time for one last dive! It is at this time that, all of a sudden, my feet go back and become just as durable as they were then. I can always gain a lot of speed running on the pebbles, (as I used to do when I was a child) I rush to meet the welcoming, calm sea.

And as you get back up for air, magically, everything becomes childlike again. You relive the greatness of nature. This is Kerasia, this is nature. A heaven on earth!

Have a great night…

Kerasia 1982

Did you know?

  • The Rothschild family estate is located next to Kerasia beach. It long ago earned the nickname 'Kensington-on-Sea' as it’s the holiday hub of high society.
  • The local municipality estimates that at least 400 British families live here permanently, or at least half the year, and there are 500 villas for rent dotted along this 15-mile stretch of coastline.

Kerasia: what does it mean?

First, I have to explain that Kerasia comes from the Greek word for ‘cherry tree’. Although, there are no reports, not even from older people, that there were ever cherry trees near the beach. Therefore, one may conclude that it’s on this beach where the surrounding villagers had to bring their cherries in order to be loaded on boats. Back then, long before the existence of roads and cars, boats were the only means of transportation for those who wanted to transport their products to the town of Corfu.
Kerasia 1985

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