Kerasia, take a dive into heaven on earth!

Kerasia, take a dive into heaven on earth!

In our childhood, it was our favourite place to go swimming. I still remember that it was on this beach when I took my first dive off my father's boat.

The breaking of the pomegranate! Such a strange custom!

The breaking of the pomegranate! Such a strange custom!

A custom of the ancient Greeks for the festive day of the coming of the new year is "the breaking of the pomegranate". This custom was initially found in the Peloponnese, although it later spread to every corner of Greece and continues to this day.

Image of traditional lithari

Lithari - The olive mill through the ages

There are three thick stone tables around the pool.

What are these; How did they get there? Where did they come from and what did they serve?

It is a peculiar rock, carved in the shape of a wheel. Although they seem to be made of concrete, it is a whole stone from an old family olive mill. Their Greek name is "Lithari" and comes from the word "Lithos" which means stone.

5 best places to eat

5 best places to dine-in Corfu's north east coast

Let’s be honest: Corfu restaurants are among the best restaurants in Greece!

And you bet there are many reasons why! Fresh local ingredients, a huge variety of flavors and very skilled chefs, create some of the most luscious dishes you’ve ever tasted.

Believe us, there’s no way you will taste the traditional Corfiot dishes and won't instantly fall in love with Corfiot cuisine. Let alone the delicious food, Corfu restaurants upgrade your culinary experience with their unique style and imaginative taste combinations!

But, what are the best restaurant in North East Coast of Corfu you should definitely visit?

Let's see together, what are the top places to eat, in our lovely area.

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